Trust at the Poet’s Corner

This thesis explores inclusive practices between transit populations and existing communities in order to create trust within a community afflicted by the ever-changing landscape of Cardiff engendered by the construction of Purpose Built Student Accommodations (PBSAs). 

It endeavours to do so through the creation of spaces that can foster trust between these two populations. Through the expansion and amelioration of the existing gardens. Through exchanging objects. Through making. Through an interactive non-traditional form of theatre, the promenade theatre.

Site analysis showing the different site conditions. A series of 6 maps showing the commercial, residential, vehicular, pedestrian and green site conditions.

Existing Site Conditions

Section of the project illustrating a potential festival, with zoom-ins of the section to better show the activity between the space.

Site Section

Section through the Theatre building showing how the spaces can be used

Project Section

Moment of the stepped stage showing the flexibility of the space.

Flexibility of Performance Space

Exploration of user adaptability of the box window showing artist made screens and materiality of the project.

Box Window Concept



Curated By: Josephine Lerasle