Reimagining the Adverse Environment

In Unit 8 “Love for One’s Own House” students were asked to develop a large-scale urban housing in place of a currently under demolition Robin Hood Gardens estate in Poplar, London.

The research of the given site concluded that it is located in the floodplain in the medium flood risk zone. Much of the historic development in the floodplain in London has paid little attention to the possibility of a flood, relying wholly upon the defences to manage the risk. 

The project will aim to raise public awareness of the flood risk. It will be a flood-resilient urban housing, where water will be celebrated, harvested and recycled. Typically most of the city’s infrastructure is hidden under the ground and urban spaces are detached from water.

Unlike the typical infrastructure, the project will bring water back on the surface, reminding people of its presence in the city. Not only the design will be flood resilient, but it will also be water sensitive, using rainwater to satisfy some of the tenants’ needs. It will be a natural park with water canals of harvested rainwater and an urban housing floating above. 



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