Perspectives of Courtyard

Project Statement

The operation of shops in Chinatown in Rome and the living conditions of local ethnic minorities were completely understood through two investigations. For this block, the most serious problem found is the lack of life atmosphere brought by serious commercialization. There is no proper public space for people to gather, communicate, exercise or relax. The courtyards renovation was proposed to improve the community’s public space, enhance the walking experience, create new jobs and leisure spaces. The project is divided into for-profit and non-profit parts. Jobs and profits are generated through restaurants, bars and markets that feed back to the community to operate other sports and leisure facilities. The whole project is realized in the way of common. People work together to make the community better, including through prefabrication to simplify the construction process to achieve collective construction.

Perspectives of Courtyard

Urban Issues and Proposal

Commercial Map of Esquilino

Sharing Rents of Chinese Shops

Personal Reflection

Firstly, in unit D, I was introduced to the concept of urban commons for the first time. It is a totally fresh idea for me to think about some of the phenomena in cities and gives me a new perspective to understand how those phenomena happen. Many ways of thinking are completely different from what I used to think, such as the relationship between stakeholders. Secondly, after nearly one year’s study, I have been basically familiar with how to conduct rigorous research work, including how to do the literature review and case study, how to use diagrams to analyze and summary and how to come up with a proper research question. Thirdly, through two time’s research fieldwork, under the guidance of the unit leader, I have learned a complete set of site research methods. Through using those methods, I collected lots of data to be a solid foundation for project design. All these processes and methods give strong rationality and realizability to the later design, which makes the design work reasonable and smooth. In all, this year’s study has benefited me a lot and will have a profound impact on me. I would like to sincerely thank all the teachers for their patient guidance and help.