The thesis explores home as a building sitting in its historical, cultural and physical surroundings, as an internal space filled with activities and rituals, as both a workspace and a space for leisure and communication. Home is understood as an experience of Being secured in its authenticity. A triad of tradition, nature and poetry will be used in order to achieve authentic architecture that belongs to the place and to the people. Tradition as a connection to the context of thought and style, to the culture of inhabitants and their mentality, formed through centuries. Nature as a connection to the surrounding context, openness of homes to that context, introduction of more green space to the cities and the possibility for inhabitants to cultivate and understand land. Poetry as small domestic moments, enabled by architecture, connections between people and participation in art and celebrations. The project is set in Lithuania, at the centre of Vilnius. The idea is to design a housing project that will join the above and will feel as home and at home.

This is a birds-eye view of the entire masterplan, showing how the housing sits among its surroundings.

Bird’s Eye View

A view of the cosy interior of one of the homes, a shot of the living room with views to the snow outside as the fire roars during the winter months.

Living room, winter outside and fire inside.

This domestic shot captures the kitchen and dining areas and their relationship to one another, and outside.

Kitchen, uniting cooking and dining, inside and outside

The main piazza is a communal space where people can congregate, enjoy and hold events.



Curated by Ellie Hardman-Cheer