“Weather, Light & Time: Attuning to place through architecture, weather and landscape.”

Can an architecture and landscape be instrumental in the experiential dimensions of weather and place?

Inspired by landscape artists and their ability to capture the subtleties of place and the visual dimensions of its light and weather, depicting how these change over time, the thesis asks if the same can be achieved through architecture. Taking inspiration from late nineteenth and twentieth century Irish landscape painters, the project seeks to embrace the atmospheric qualities and dramatic landscape of Achill Island and the Irish west coast through a creative retreat and study centre for arts and humanities students at NUI Galway and an associated landscape experience centre for tourists travelling along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The project proposed is the antithesis of ‘exclusive’ architecture. It suggests that our experience can be elevated by connecting to the subtleties of light, weather and time that characterise a place. Instead of shutting the external environment out, architecture should embrace it and become receptive to the variable conditions of the sky, the light and the weather.

This 3D view highlights the proposed scheme within the surrounding landscape.

Proposed scheme situated within the landscape and viewed along the approach road.

This section is cut through the valley/sea axis, showcasing the proposed scheme.

Proposed site section through the Valley / Sea Axis.

Here are atmospheric 3D views with the intention to highlight the art gallery and its atmosphere - both in a storm and on a bright misty morning.

Seascapes gallery – (top) taking shelter from a winter storm, (bottom) early morning after a winter sunrise.

This view is of the student accommodation block, with the sea casting reflections on the ceiling of the space as a boy writes at his desk in the evening glow.

Summer evening writing in the student accommodation.

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Curated by Ellie Hardman-Cheer