I named my design the Hidden bat box. The hidden bat box is inspired by one of nature’s most common elements: insect cocoons. At the same time, the cocoon shape provides the bats with a warm, enclosed and relatively dark environment which they like. The reason I named it that when the design is finished, it maybe looks like it’s integrated with the tree, preventing people from destroying it, and providing the bats with the closest environment to nature.

At the beginning, through to the Grange Garden, I found that this park has a long history of music, so I plan to design a music related facilities, and the use of rain to make some sound, but the design completely without any help to nature and animals, so I chose the bat for design object, because bats emit ultrasonic is the sound which we can’t hear the sounds from the nature. Another reason is that bats are also one of the most needy species in the world. They are very important to the environment. From my research that there are bat conservation groups all over the world, including one in Cardiff named Cardiff Bat Group. I learned a lot information about bat habits and bat boxes in this organization.

Although the traditional bat box has met the basic needs of bat life, my design wanted to make some changes on top of the basic needs of the base and bat box. First I need to fasten the wicker to the tree with the help of a twine, and then weave it. After the weave is complete, I use the leaves to fill in the gaps left by the weave to reach the warm, dark space where bats like to live. Because the willow itself has a strong water-absorbing property, this ensures that the inside of the bat box is dry during rainy days. The inside of the bat box is the same structure as the traditional bat box.

As willows grow naturally, they give birth to small insects which could feed the bat. Bat droppings are also a good fertilizer and a very expensive traditional Chinese medicine, which can be used in other designs of our group. Bats can also provide pollen and fertilizer for other designs, as well as enjoy the fruits grown in other designs. People can get a free cup of coffee by helping to collect bat droppings. At the same time, with the addition of bats, the summer can reduce the harm of flying insects, especially mosquitoes.

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