People Come Where People Are

The project challenges the existing housing environment in London, by proposing a high-density, low-rise structure. Specifically, it aims to provide an alternative perspective in housing that will lead to solutions to housing overcrowdedness.

The project is located in Robin Hood Gardens, Tower Hamlets, London. It investigates the overall housing crisis in London and specifically emphasizes on one crucial problem; overcrowding. Due to the lack of affordable houses, many people/families are forced to live in apartments that are overcrowded. Overcrowded is a very serious problem; it can lead to several health problems due to the minimal space, stress/depression, domestic violence and under-performance in academic and professional endeavours.


In order to tackle overcrowdedness and at the same time create a high-density, low rise environment my research heavily relied on quantitative methods of calculating density. “SpaceMatrix” by Meta Bergauser Pont and Per Haupt, is an extensive book which analyses density on urban forms using various formulas. My massings were analyzed in a similar manner in order to achieve a high-density non-overcrowded environment. Furthermore, strategical urban and architectural design decisions were made to support the overall aim.

Influenced by my primer project, my proposal is driven by narrow houses in a row typology that can be expanded in a pre-defined way to provide more living spaces for families or individuals when needed; in this way, tenants won’t need to search for alternative households if such a need arises from overcrowdedness.

The development also includes retail/office spaces to create a mixed-use environment with a variety of functions, so that it can be successfully integrated with the surrounding context that is lacking such spaces.


LinkedIn: Miltiadis Filippos Christodoulakos