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Pontypridd is a small valley in the Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales. The old coal mining valley is very well known for the musical talent that has arose from the town. From Sir Tom Jones, to the creators of the Welsh National Anthem. 

Photos and sketches comparing historic and modern pontypridd

Historic Pontypridd

Over the years, the town has seen great decline due to a change in social habits. As a result, the local businesses and theatrical past are in need of development. By using the disused old town hall, which is situated in the centre of Pontypridd, above the indoor market, the proposal has an opportunity to breed new life into the town centre and reconnect the town with its theatrical past. The creative reuse of the existing fabric connects the past and present histories of the building to form a unifying symbol of Pontypridd in the form of this proposal. By honouring the once prominent façade of the Town Hall and incorporating the later use of concrete to hide that façade, the proposal is able to use the material which encased and restrained the building, to expand that same building and create unity between the different states of the town hall over its lifetime in a poetic way. 

Photos of models showing potential changes

Model Development

In an attempt to open up the area in front to the theatre to give the new performance space some room, the proposal removes parts of the indoor market and a disused structure. This creates room for a public gesture in the form of a plaza to enhance the town in this area.  

Images showing digital models and layout of the public square

The Plaza

The proposed plaza invites people into the space and allows for a venue for outside performances and a place to sit with the stairs also being seating. The curved ramped access is also a nod to the famous Pontypridd Old Bridge. 

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Work Provided by Morgan Taylor

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