“Millennium Mills: Reinstating Intangible Heritage to the Commons”

Located in the Royal Docks in London, the site is a true memento of the city’s intangible industrial heritage, visible through its community, history and tangible artefacts. Over recent years however, issues surrounding the themes of globalisation, privatisation and gentrification have devoured the local distinctiveness of the area, and continuously rising new developments are doing nothing to tackle the problem.

The thesis therefore aims to take a conceptual spin on the idea of the growing structure: one that values the site’s past and expands it for generations to come. Through the adaptive reuse of edifices of great historical value, and a decision making process rooted in the UK’s industrial heritage, the scope is to redefine the relationship between the own and the other: between community and industry.

A masterplan view showing the wider site context.
The proposed scheme's ground floor plan, highlighting industrial zones, and the buildings proximity to the waters edge.
A section cutting through the centre of the proposed building.
A 3D view looking at the entrance of the proposal from the public realm.

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