This project focuses on using memories of the people living in Fochriw to shape and recreate feelings and space.

“My project focuses on the theme of nostalgia and how we can use this feeling to create and design something. Our memories are often inaccurate and warped with time, and the main idea is that this can be used for benefit by getting inspiration from those memories. The people living in Fochriw are very fond of their village’s past, and love to share old photographs and memories with each other, reliving their time together, and praising the good old days. While these visions of the village may be unintentionally exaggerated, my project uses these fond memories to shape the building and recreate these feelings in a new space. The building functions as a place to display old books, photographs, and other artefacts related to Fochriw and Wales, as well as providing temporary accommodation for those who are looking to learn more about the history of the village.”

Contact info:
Anait Melkonyan

Reimagining the river of Fochriw
Memories of Fochriw
Main entrance
View from the studio