The Nurture Reserve

A Therapeutic Outreach

The Nurture Reserve aimed to knit the disassociated social fabric that existed in Swansea together. The project introduced a therapeutic work and leisure environment that could alleviate the stresses of the everyday. The blurring of the thresholds that existed on my site created a sense of inclusivity that was important in creating a palace for the people that felt like it was for the people of Swansea.

Contextual Fabric

Void of obstructions the proposal forged relationships between the communal nudist baths and the incubator office spaces that could exist harmoniously next to each other inspiring a new approach to the way a community exists.

A Communal Inclusivity

Privacy and Porosity and the boundary between the two were explored and experimented with in order to inspire comfort and personal growth within my project. Layers of discretion and openness dictated the flow of nature, programme and spaces with central hubs acting as the focal points of the Reserve linking the Private, the Baths and the Public together. Ecclesiastical references were embraced in my project emulating a sanctity in grandeur to the spaces and the alternative insular spaces bringing a humanness to the project promoting the community therapy to occur in the heart and atriums of the Nurture Reserve.

Portfolio Extracts