This project is about utilising the divisive and elongated, linear forms found in the city of Belfast, and reversing this conceptual language to create a unifying and celebratory streetscape. This scheme explores vertical and horizontal forms of interaction and social cohesion underneath the motorway flyover to re-connect Sailortown back to the city, re-stitch it’s lost fragmented history and unite communities as a form of reconciliation of political and social divide.

Section watercolour of elongated, unified streetscape intervention through vertical and horizontal linearities, which encompasses moments of community cohesion, reconciliation and creativity.

Perspective of mirrored canopy within intervention to create an enclosed and enriched experience, as well its function as a protective shelter for occupants from motorway flyover.

Perspective of occupants taking a narrative journey through the linear scheme – exhibition and artisan studios acting as an extension of Cathedral Quarter’s cultural district to repair the fragmented route and memory of Sailortown.

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