“The Urban Super-mix”

The thesis theorises a ‘Supermix’ development. This refers to a concept that aims to combine industrial uses in the same ratio as the typical mixed residential and commercial uses. In other words, proposing ways of retaining ‘Strategic Industrial Land’ (SIL) usage whilst proposing new residential/work related typologies within a single self-sustaining regeneration scheme. The site is located in North Woolwich (Zone 3 of London) which is rife with typical ‘mixed-use’ regeneration schemes. Since a total of 8800 new homes will be built between now and 10 years in the area it will consider where all the household plastic waste could be managed. Thus instead of relying on transporting the waste somewhere else, this thesis looks to explore how the next generation of house buyers could live and deal with their own waste. Finally, in the context of a technologically advanced society and the era of ‘Big data’ and ‘AI (Advanced Intelligence)’, this thesis will explore how future waste management strategies could be enhanced and proposed.

A diagram of the waste movement through the proposal, highlighting the circular economy and how the superman would work in context.
The masterplan as proposed, highlighting landscaping and building locations. This masterplan includes residential pockets, along with an industrial zone where a plastic sorting and processing factory can be found.
A view showcasing the underground waste collection system as it sits within the scheme.
An exploded axonometric of the central waste management building within the masterplan.

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