People and Productivity

“Fochriw-A tale about People and Productivity” is about creating a strong, productive, working community.

“By transforming Fochriw’s most unproductive place into the most productive place not only in the village, but also in the whole area. Remembering the past is very important for a post industrial community such as Fochriw’s.  And since baking is an important part of the life of the economically inactive people there, I have decided to create a building where through the process of baking both tiles and bread people will not only reconnect with the industrial past of Fochriw but will also create a new productive future.”

Contact Info:
Petya Atanasova

View of the busy courtyard
Exploded axonometric, Ground floor and 1st floor plan 
Cross Section though the Bakery, Day care, Office space and Crushing room
Axonometric drawing showing the building in its context as a model of Productivity