Cardiff Show ground  

The idea of a show-ground, as seen in many Welsh towns, is a good idea for it means that people coming from the surrounding settlements can use and take part in communal activities. This space is primarily a show-ground completely open to the public, as a “slack space” for city residents in less formal ways something that we have lost today that was more common in days gone by.

Conceptual collage

The gradual privatisation of land use has resulted in the fact that in Cardiff, the only warm resting place in the city, namely shopping malls and arcades, is forbidden for the rough sleepers, so these poor people are restricted to the pavements and social edge of Cardiff. 

Axonometric View

Primarily, for showing cob ponies which is a welsh country passion, but it might equally be for sheep dog trials, motorcycle cross, dog shows or pony and trap trotting races, or sand castle competition or funfair. It is the bringing back into the city of competitive events which are free to all. This world of simple pleasures for people without gardens and other outdoor places is an essential space. Like such spaces at showground, it will attract an unofficial almost a subculture of people of different communities and also provide a shelter for rough sleepers. 

Front elevation

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