My aim is to help the disadvantage groups to find their future. In addition, during this journey I would like to help them create their best memories, making them feel at home and at ease. The specific designs such as the main path, modular housing, communal gardens, and basketball courts will help them enhance their social skills for future job opportunities, it will also enrich their knowledge and enable them to exchange skills and ideas they have learnt, but most importantly it will create a spirited place.

I have designed a main path in this project, it was created in such a way that it connected the most active places together (Chrisp Street market, Town Hall, Billingsgate Market). This will increase the people passing by and the volume of visitors that will visit the site via the main path. It will not only help the commuters get to the three places faster but will also help create a more vibrant and livelier atmosphere in the site. It would also bring a burst of happiness into the commuter’s journey when compared to the lifeless streets around it because of the energetic atmosphere the site brings. Hence, the main path will create a vibrant place to unite people together and attract people from the surroundings to visit the site and for it to become a part of their daily journey.

I used modular housing for this design, each module can accommodate 6 people, containing a shared garden, open-air communal space, and kitchen. To leave the module, you would have to pass through via the garden, this will increase the possibility of visual interaction. I believe that merging the communal space into their lives will help think of this place more like a home than an ordinary apartment.