A Symbiotic Future

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This response to the brief of a ‘People’s Palace’ in the context of future work and leisure is called ‘A Symbiotic Future’. Symbiosis being defined as a positive mutualistic relationship between two or more entities. The project particularly focuses on symbiosis between people and nature through architecture, but also specifically between architecture and nature, and its catalysing further symbiotic relationships. This concept emerged from observations on site, Crymlyn Burrows, where human intervention unintentionally benefited or created ‘nature’. It has materialised into a project promoting ‘purposeful leisure’ which is the term to describe the future of leisure that I predict. The project takes the form of two buildings: a museum of the Burrows, and a craft and conservation complex, which are both separated and connected by a natural but designed landscape. The combination of looking at the past to prepare the future as well as looking at natural processes, the passage of time has also become an important consideration.

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