Following dissertation research into public-private partnerships, where top-down planning meets bottom-up practice, a basis for understanding these concepts was put in place. The combination of tactics and strategies acts as a way for everyone to work together towards common goals. The outcome reacts to the socio-political landscape on the Isles of Scilly (IoS) to recentre the power hierarchy, minimising the prescriptive nature of its urban environment by empowering communities to get involved in the development process.

While the overall question has been introduced, many more questions must be answered. How can community driven design be controlled so that the resulting architecture is successful while minimising prescription? Where to draw the line between top-down design and bottom-up development? How can the design be regenerative, and the modular materials be made adaptable? This project explores the ‘line’ through a technical report that is based around a manual for community self-build, providing rules for creating successful architecture, based on the necessary expertise required to safely and successfully design and build.

This project aims to open up a discussion on public-private co-operation, proving how important it is for the creation of an egalitarian built environment with spaces for everyone that inherently promote sustainability. This question is explored through the architectural theory of ‘‘Tactics’ (Grassroots growth) and ‘Strategies’ (Top-Down planning).

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 External - Future Concept

External – Future Concept

 Internal - Depositary

Internal – Depositary

 Isometric - Whole Scheme

Isometric – Whole Scheme

 Presentation - Project Explained

Presentation – Project Explained


Curated by Laura Selwood