The invasive Water Hyacinths have contaminated the waterways of Kochi; reducing biodiversity, increasing health risks, damaging the economy, prohibiting water transportation and increasing risks of flooding, thus prohibiting life from flourishing in the great city. The waterways which were once a vital lifeline to the city known as ‘The Queen of the Arabian Sea’ are now disregarded and abused. This thesis aims to investigate how clearing Kochi’s waterways of the Water Hyacinths through economic incentives, can improve the health, economy, social capital and environment of the city.

A land and water intervention are proposed which will create a bustling community hub, public space, bio-fuel and bio-fertilizer plant. This proposal intends for the Water Hyacinths to be harvested and converted into bio-diesel and bio-fertilizer. Hence, by clearing the waterways and using the weeds; which are considered a curse into profit generating asset, a new economy is provided for Kochi to thrive.

The thirty year long water intervention aims to clear Kochi of the Water Hyacinth invasion. The floating structures will be towed to another site worldwide to continue its function. The land interventions aims to support the works on water by providing storage and education facilities whilst supporting the community. Furthermore, the land intervention will demonstrate to the community, the abundance of value and the gifts that clear waterways can bring to all forms of life- from economy to equality, thus creating long lasting improvement to the liveability of Kochi.

A larger site plan shows the land and water interventions of the "Revive the Waterways" proposal.

The land and water intervention provide a site wide proposal which aims to have a lasting effect on the waterways of Kochi whilst also changing public perception to restore the respect for waterways thus improving liveability.

This image shows the floating restaurant within the water intervention. It shows how the water and structures interact and how it can be a useful space for the community as well as the workers on site

The Bio-fuel and Bio-fertilizer plant will be floating structures which can be towed to other sites in need of clearing in the future. The structures are built upon concrete barges and floating reed beds tied to the structures will assist with improving the quality of the water whilst providing habitats for the aquatic life below.

This visual shows the urban farm in the forefront and the community hub building in the background. People use the space for sustenance, well being and to deepen their connection the environment and water

A community farm, education centre, community kitchen and farm market will provide the citizens with a public space to experience the gifts that clean water can bring. It will be a lasting symbol of the change brought by the intervention long after the Water Hyacinths have been cleared from the waterways of Kochi and the floating bio plant has moved on.

A view from the water of the floating bio fuel and bio fertiliser plant. It shows how the structures sit in harmony wit the surrounding

The water intervention will be promoted as a precedential site for those burdened with the Water Hyacinth invasion worldwide to visit and learn of the technologies and interventions to clear the weed successfully.

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