Situated in the junction of West Belfast and the city centre, this project aims to reconnect the underprivileged community from the West to the city. As the initial phase of a larger masterplan to address the existing problematic urban framework, urban agriculture and historic streetscapes are utilized to repopulate the streets with greenery and people while keeping cars out. The project is an ecosystem/ urban lung, a place that enables community cohesion and well-being based on the common ground for health and green space, hoping to catalyse a range of changes in the urban landscape of Belfast.

Healing the city in three layers through reintroduction of nature, restoration of streetscape and celebration of river Farset as natural heritage.

From the elevation an artificial greenscape is creating with the farm, gardens, and espalier on the steel frame. The street is refilled with activities from the shops and views of the community centre.

The building addresses the essence the site’s previous status as a passing space filled with trading activities, it takes the extra step to provide desirable  recreational environment open for everyone, and to empower communities through its function. Opportunities for interaction is encouraged through sharing the spaces and moments of encounter.

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