Yupeng Ye

This research-design methodology I learn here is a powerful tool that is different from what I have done before. Multi-dimensional factors should be considered thoroughly in architectural design, under the coherence of the research question and aims. Testing some architecture knowledge through the understanding of the background during the learning process always allows me to learn something new. It is a long and iteration process, and there is a long way to go. I believe what I have learned here will be very useful for my future career no matter academically or professionally.

Qingqing Jiang

EMUVE project has researched on several case studies compared from their different socio-political contexts, spatial organization, program strategies, the economy of the territory and governance systems, to learn from previous failure, present dilemma, potential adaptivity for future. In this module, we learned how to research for our design unit, we learned how to think critically. In addition, I improved my professional skills and architectural knowledge and trained the team’s collaboration and communication skills. During this period of study, Federico Wulff was very patient with us and gave us timely help and encouragement. I am very happy to be a student.

Ganqi Yin

In this learning stage, I learned differently from the university design methods and research process. Through an in-depth understanding of the project’s urban background in field survey, and combined with the literature of reading and research, to determine their own research problems and objectives, from a variety of factors to explore architectural design and concepts. In this process, I have improved my professional skills and architectural knowledge, and exercised my team collaboration and communication skills, so that I have benefited a lot.

Beini Li

At the graduate level, my understanding of the big thing was to improve my ability to build the theoretical knowledge structure of research on architectural schemes. After understanding the background of the project and analyzing the literature to solve the problem, I found the research problems and research aims. Finally, in the process of repeated scrutiny, the best solution method is found. It is completely different from the previous single work method of the undergraduate and the training of basic software skills. The improvement of thinking is the best thing a good architecture student should learn.

Yonggen Yu

EMUVE has given me a lot of new understanding of architectural design research. I really like the program structure in the project. Not only its compact teaching content but also various workshops and lectures that allow me to absorb fresh knowledge. I was able to experience the vitality of the project from two Sicilian field surveys which are very impressive. The methodology of EMUVE has enriched my multiple understanding of design and research. According to the theme, I constantly explore new in-depth, which makes me have new interests at different stages. This is what I have always expected, and I believe this is a very valuable experience.

Yizhe Huang

During this learning process in UNIT A, I have improved my thinking about architecture and professional skills thanks to the teaching from Dr. Federico. In the methodology aspect, I learned to think and deal with architectural issues from multiple dimensions and different levels, including contextual level and conceptual level, as well as identifying research questions and using research aim to respond to the architectural intervention. Therefore, the learning outcomes increased the possibility for me to become a complex design-thinker in the future.