The Value of Unproductivity

This project is an intervention to cater for the unproductivity of rural places, such as Fochriw, in a range of scales.

“I spent the project attempting to understand, catalogue, and utilise the understated nature of rural life. How it’s stillness, slowness, and unproductivity in a variety of forms is a key aspect to those who live there; and is something to be protected. The view of rural places such as Fochriw as unproductive by economic and social means leaves an opportunity to investigate the value in this ‘unproductivity’.
An intervention to cater for (and protect existing) unproductivity in a range of scales from a moment of peace which allows you to take in a view, to a place where community activities can be organised, to a space where social gatherings and meetings can organically and unexpectedly happen or not happen. Not a radical change, but catering for the people who already live there, in response to the organic architecture already filling in the gaps.”

Contact Info:
Freya Rix

1:2 Section through a hedge near Cardiff.
Attempting to understand the complexities of something commonplace and overlooked.
Examples from a booklet compiled after taking a walk through Aberthaw, Barry, depicting use of language, lost words, and layers of landscape.
Axonometric of Fochriw with my intervention nestled in amongst the mess of the village.
1:20 detailed section