A Carbon City in a Post Carbon Age: Value From Mud

The thesis focuses on the changing perceptions of value and how land, materials and society has been transformed by the socio-economic climate at the given time. The project is an attempt to explore the concept of de-growth. The project aims to challenge the notion of business as usual as the point of departure for a different society and seeks to reduce its metabolism, highlighting the value of ecological, environmental health and social well-being over economic concerns. 

Masterplan of the project within the Butetown area of Cardiff. This masterplan occurs next to the River Taff and illustrates which building will be demolished and how flooding will affect the site.

Masterplan of Brains Brewery in Butetown

This image is broken up into four parts. The first three images illustrate different angles of the site when flooded. The fourth image in the west elevation of the project and shows how the new and old relate to each other on site.

West Elevation of the Project

Section of the project through the existing Brains Brewery and the new build.

Cedwc Section

Technical Section showing how the structure works with the site flooding. At the top of the image five drawings illustrate 5 technical principles the building works with. There is text that reads as follows: One of the new additions to the scheme is an adaptable building that tests and pushes the boundaries between nature and architecture. The interactive design allows individuals, mainly children to play and learn through seeing and doing, connecting them to nature.

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Curated by: Josephine Lerasle