Our host and client was; ‘Welcome to our Woods’ (WTOW), a not-for-profit social enterprise active in Treherbert. 

The ‘commission’: build a prototype ‘public seat’ for three locations in Treherbert. 

An imaginative and practical exercise, fusing the past, our present, and what might become years ahead. 


Without prior drawing, with preselected raw materials we made directly. We were not looking for technical precision, exacting craftsmanship or enduring objects, we were looking for: awareness, intelligence, creativity, adaptability, willingness to engage, to commit, work hard, get dirty, learn and to have fun. 


Remember, materials have specific qualities, have strengths and nuance to work with and alongside, and at times cussedness’s to overcome. 


Our ideas are valuable, they were valued. WTOW wished to work with and learn from what we as individuals brought. Our presence and proposed interventions could alter understanding of past and future. 

Architectural and educational overview-response was directed by Dr Marga Munar Bauzá.