Liveable Urbanism is a group of researchers and masters’ students from the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University. We have been working on creating more liveable cities in India with the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi for the Part II Architecture degree. The 2019-2020 unit focused on Kochi, with support from the Indian Institute of Architects, Cochin Centre.

Understanding the city as a complex system that is constantly reacting to different actors including government, individuals, the community, investors and the environment allowed us to look at alternative ways of planning and managing cities. We aimed to achieve a comprehensive approach to make Kochi more liveable by improving the quality of life for its citizens. For this, we addressed the root causes of the issue affecting liveability within the city, rather than reacting to the problems that are visible from surface.

Liveable Urbanism, Kochi Video

A video created to show the work collated by the group

Interactive model created to show the map data collected in Kochi which was used to analyse how the city functions as a system and how these elements affect liveability

Please follow the link to our website for more information about the unit and the work we have completed. We will also be holding our own exhibition in the coming months so please follow our social media accounts to keep up to date with our show.

WEBSITE: https://liveableurbanism.wixsite.com/liveableurbanism

EMAIL: livableurbanism@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/liveable_urbanism/

Curated by: Shannan Kamalaneson