Strengthening the sense of cohesion: The potential of walkable street designs and cultural characteristics on promoting community engagement.

During the past decade, the government has made more improvements in the East London area, such as the upgrading of the transport networks and the redevelopment of the Olymic legacy, in order to balance the gap in the level of regional economic development.

Site analysis
Functional mix analysis
Community analysis
Green way analysis
Planning aerial view
Planing process analysis

The courtyard type residential blocks is mixed-use buildings which include affordable housing(>50% for total number) and middle class residential units. The tower slab building consists of short-term renting apartment for promoting the vitality of the site. As it could become a gate way to attract outside people to communicate with local residents.

Functional analysis

Different activities could happen in the diversity of public facilities. The multi-level Green Way links with different public spaces to encourage people’s street life.

Base street function analysis
“Base street” generates stationary activities

The sloping roof garden is not only providing an open space for local residents to communicate each other, but also attract outside people flow
form Green way access to the sloping garden for communicating with inside residents.

Residential Analysis

The sloping roof step of the residential building next to the junction of the green way and High street, which could increase the public graze, encourage outside people access to the site, and create the dynamic street life.

Dynamic public activities on “Base street” and sloping roof

Different types of residents live in courtyard type residential buildings could shape the corresponding various types of activities which happening on the sloping roof garden.

Residential sloping deck perspective
Section ob the block

To hold regular graffiti festival would attract local residents to take part in, while this area will become the center of community and promote trust.

Graffiti strategy analysis
The design of High street’s interface

“The point of social life of city sidewalks is precisely that they are public. They bring people together who do not know each other in an intimate. ” Jacobs, J. 2016

“Interface adaptation is a long-term process that can assist in actualising the underlying potential for a vibrant public realm. ” Dovey, K. & Symons, F. 2014

Street life is formed over time from many little public sidewalk contacts such as people stopping by at the shop for chatting……By transforming more public interface of street, it could attract residents from different
background into public spaces.


Nastaran Peimani


Yihong Huang / Wanjie Yuan / Naixin Liu / Luying Qiu