“Remaining Cool”

The extreme climatic conditions in Morocco which reach an average temperature of approximately 38 degrees in summer, has resulted in innovative ways by which people cool their buildings. Vernacular passive cooling methods seem to depend heavily on the thermal mass of adobe walls in order to achieve an internal level of cooling. This proposal explores alternative methods of cooling internal spaces by focusing on air movement and without the use of mechanical systems. The two particular principals being explored are temperature generated air pressure difference and earth air heat exchange. Temperature generated air pressure difference focuses on the stack effect and buoyancy of heated air. Although the natural air velocity created by the stack effect is insufficient to cool the human body directly, this method is useful for structural cooling (in this case an earth structure). The second principal, earth air heat exchange is a passive system which consists of passing hot external air through underground spaces or tunnels. Given that the underground temperature is constant throughout the year, this results in the heat transfer from the hot external air into the earth, therefore cooling the air.

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