Architectural brief


Santa Chiara as an existing stakeholder in the Albergheria district, offers welcoming services, social assistance, and social integration among migrants, refugees, and locals. In addition, it has a strong possibility for becoming the core stakeholder within the network of stakeholders in the future through architectural intervention so as to connect different stakeholders and coordinate the different levels of governance from urban to community. Therefore, the aim of the project is to offer a platform that bringing people from different cultural backgrounds together and encouraging these intercultural interactions.


Base on the contextual analysis and literature review, the architectural intervention can develop third spaces and fourth spaces within the building, rearrange existing function spaces, and propose some new programmatic spaces. In addition, third spaces within Santa Chiara could work as an intermediate connector for connecting fourth spaces and other function spaces to form a reasonable spatial sequence that promoting intercultural interaction from low-intensity contact to high-intensity contact.

Bridging the gap from four different dimensions:

  • spatial dimension
  • interactional dimension
  • time dimension
  • identity dimension
Urban scale analysis
The diagram of urban scale analysis explains why we are work in Albergheria district from four dimensions.

Development of the first literature review
Utilizing design as research tools within first literature review, discover and analyze these relevant theories and finally translate them into spatial design.

Research on different cultural communities
By researching the architectures and spaces from different cultural communities, find their commonality and diversity and extract applicable points to translate into spaces.

Spatial translation
Translate the definition of third and fourth spaces activities from theories into space, and define the relationship between the third spaces and the fourth spaces and their role.

Diagnose of heritage value
Phoenicians establish this important city at 2700 years ago, they are
the ancestors of the refugees from Syria. The heritage value could be highlight through different degree of intervention thus arousing people’s sympathy.
Second floor plan 1:200
Axonometric section
Using the relevant theories of the third spaces, the fourth spaces, and the contact intensity, the exploration of the Central Spine will fully excavate and develop the spatial sequence of third and fourth spaces, so that the intervention site will eventually promoting intercultural interaction between different cultural groups.