Community Fort

The chosen site is a fallow public green space next to the Mile End Stadium. When I were on the site during the study trip, I found that people passing by did not pay any attention to this site- there was nothing interesting to stop them. Condition of the site is poor: Some messy small car parks on site also make it an uncomfortable space with lack of management. These issues form the proposal of my project, which is to design a building to activate this space and make it more attractive. 

Conceptual Strategy

A community centre is designed to provide people around of all age a pleasant place for entertainment, meeting, communicating, and growing. The building is then formed via precedents study and conceptual strategy study based on site conditions. It is a multi-functional community fort built on a shallow pond consisting of 4 separate building blocks with a large courtyard in the middle. With the courtyard and the pond, the building shows an interaction with landscape and nature. 

Axonometric drawing shows the structure of the building
Section AA
Front Elevation (Observation deck)
Roof Garden View
Canal View

Portfolio Extract

Contract Details