This innovation is based on the adequate research of local community in: culture/life style/ecosystem/organization/economy/aesthetic tendency, which provide strong justification of the design. The geometry foundation of this design is Thiessen polygon and the algorithm of Voronoi Cell in Grasshopper, which is one possibility of the Cell-System. Based on that, the redesign and simplification of the original cell, a structure which could be developed to cope with multi-function in gardening came into being. As the graphics below shows, this structure has great potential to satisfy the needs of different gardening of plants such as morning-glory, luffa…..

After the construction of the cell-system the designer did some transformation to the cells and made those cells operable from the abstract state.

Realizing that the operation above could be too difficult for the local citizens to operate , the designer did further transformation to simplify them as the graphics show above.

Another important point is that this innovation integrates with others’ prototype in the areas of Block Chain, Materials,Bio-corridor, Stakeholders, Circular mode…..,as the graphics show below.

As for the DIY part of the prototype, the designers made tutorial handbook&video for the local citizens to learn by themselves in order to strengthen the self-organization and spontaneity of the design. The local citizens could see these videos as handbooks or guidelines for the construction of the prototypes and based on it local citizens may improve the prototype to adapt the real environment and even feedback to the designers. 

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