Exploration of circular economy

With the development of economy, the consumption of raw materials and energy increases steadily, and the shortage of energy and environmental problems become more and more serious.The concept of circular economy was put forward to solve the problem of energy shortage.Through the study and research of circular economy, I have a clearer understanding of its three principles and methods.By introducing the principles and methods of circular economy into my design and thinking about my design, I designed a unique circular pattern in line with my design, so as to realize the development of the circular economy community..

Research questions and aims

Research the principles and methods of realizing circular economy neighborhoods in city.

What does a sustainable circular neighborhood in the Gasworks site in Grangetown look like?

How can a CE be implemented in the Gasworks site in Grangetown?

Why should a CE be implemented in the Gasworks site in Grangetown? The aim of this research will be to realize the concept of circular economy community in Gasworks and realize the expected impact and benefits through the methods and strategies of circular economy.

Research framework

The whole research is divided into three stages, Literature Analysis, Case Study Analysis and Design Experience. Literature Analysis is to help me find research problems and objectives suitable for my community through reading a large number of literatures.Case Study Analysis is to learn what the circular economy community has through actual Case Analysis and Study, and to seek inspiration once to help me carry out the following work. Design Experience plans my Design through the first two steps of Study and research, which is a repeated exploration process.

Through the analysis of the age distribution, work status and other data of the whole Grangtown population, the main groups suitable for the whole community can be found, which can be mainly divided into three categories: old people, families with children, and others.Analyze them concretely.Analyze their requirements and required functionality.To help me find design ideas

According to the three principles of circular economy architectural design: design out waste and pollution, Keep Product and material in use, and Hubs Natural system to have a preliminary overall idea of the whole design, both having the whole circular economy design idea and having the independent architectural design consideration.

Literature review

Through the study of a large number of literature, we know that the circular Economy community has four main design directions to consider: Stakeholder, Economy, Space and Environment. Then, distribute the paper according to the points covered.Finally, I find the research gaps that I am interested in, so as to determine the main research direction I want to pursue in the future.

My community mainly considers four recycling, one, waste, the establishment of waste waste garbage recycling into energy or fertilizer.Second, food, to achieve self-sufficiency in a circular community.Third, energy. The energy generated by solar energy and compost will generate electricity and reuse it in my community. Meanwhile, sharing electric vehicles will be provided in the community to reduce pollution.Iv. Recycling of building materials, reuse of building materials after maintenance, and minimize landfill treatment of building materials after repeated treatment.Through these four steps, to achieve the circular economy community I designed.

Urban level brief

Building level brief

Using the original gas holder, it is transformed into a 3-floor food market. The Ground floor is for the product sales and restaurant of the market. The first floor is for the restaurant and the second floor is for a Shared space.Inside the building there is a large atrium, which allows for good lighting and ventilation to achieve the effect of energy saving.Roof gardens and walls of plants outside the building help cool the building and absorb heat.On the technical level, the modular construction method can save construction time, and recyclable materials are also selected in the selection of building materials

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