M Arch 1

Course Leader:

Caroline Almond

The structure of the first year of the MArch is unique to the WSA as the ‘Year of Education in Practice’ is spent predominantly in the workplace. Fourth-year is divided into three modules: Design in Practice, Reflective Practice and Research Preparation. Each module focuses on particular areas to enhance and support students’ architectural education by connecting practice and university, whilst setting a foundation for final year studies back in Cardiff.

A comprehensive design project makes a link between design as experienced in education and that conducted by the practices in which students are working. Projects are structured in accordance with the RIBA Stages, include planning and funding constraints, with submissions and engagements mirroring professional practice in format. Design in Practice aims to address the adjustment required from designing in studio to the rigours of practice, providing a platform for engagement with work-colleagues and all stages of design. The School is also concerned with providing a grounding in design economics and students must consider whether what they propose represents good value to their client while bearing in mind what ‘value’ might mean in a changing world.

Reflective Practice is a work-based learning module that asks students to think more deeply about what they are seeing and doing in practice. As COVID posed significant challenges for job-seekers this year, the School established a Welsh Government Funded learning partnership with Ty Banc Canal Group to provide valuable professional experience for those students unable to obtain employment and to make direct and meaningful contributions to the community of Resolven, Neath Port Talbot.

2020-21 Design work:
This year, students worked collaboratively as part of a design team to prepare a Brief and Business Case for a performance facility for Llandaff Cathedral School which also provided considerable community benefit. The site of the ruined Bishop’s Palace in Llandaff, Cardiff required students to engage with conservation, urban and landscape challenges. Teams developed Strategic Proposals towards RIBA Stage 2 over a number of weeks, working remotely from each other, alongside their work in practice.

Opportunities to collaborate reflect the realities of team-working in practice and enabled small groups of students to keep in regular contact whilst working remotely this year. The module comprised 4 design phases, culminating in an individual integrated design report to demonstrate how the research-led groupwork had been developed according to a personal design agenda. This final stage encouraged a process of continual reflection, investigation and experimentation to drive and refine design, grounded in real-world concerns such as environmental performance, social and financial sustainability.

Given the work of the year derives from a single brief, the range of approaches and proposals were staggering! The students are commended for their engagement and resilience in the face of the considerable challenges posed by the pandemic, not least working independently, without the usual support of practice.

Future Liveability in the Seafood Sector

Vypin Food & Logistics Hub

Claudia Petre

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Reinhabiting a Ruin

Performing Arts Centre and Urban Sustainability Hub

Rose Nicholson

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Beacon of Hope in a Post Covid Era

A safe social and work hub to reunite the local community after Covid 19.

Bel Sumner

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Old Bishop's Palace Pavilion

Using Computer Generated Visuals as the Main Design Tool

Macourley James

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Bishop’s Palace Music Centre

Hub for music, education and leisure, all under one roof that wraps around the medieval walls.

Claudia Petre

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Llandaff Theatre Centre

A group project, where the initial concept was further developed individually, leading to a performing arts centre for the Llandaff community situated in the historic Bishop's Palace

Vivien Neoh

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The Community Chorus

The proposal seeks to create strong relationships between the elderly community and the school children, resulting in educational benefits for the children and improved wellbeing for the elders.

Dima Saca

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Llandaff Performing Arts Centre

Peformance + Exhibition + Green Space

Kai Lok Amos Cheng

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Music Centre Llandaff

Designed for Deconstruction

Desislava Asenova

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Timber Research Center.

Systems of Plenty - Regeneration project

Karlis Tomsons

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Llandaff Music Centre

Music Centre

Qiuyi Zhang

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Llandaff Arts Centre

A group project following individual development of shared initial concept- a theatre and arts centre for the Llandaff community situated in the historical Bishop's Palace.

Aidana Roberts

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Re - inventing Folk Tales

Re-discovering tales of the past and fostering new stories

Meylan Fernandez Villazon

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Perspective view of the main entrance

A Flexible Cymmer

Creating a space for the community to enjoy and improve the rural places of Wales where people have better access to nature and lower living costs.

Kalina Vrachanska

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Old Bishops Palace Pavilion

Framed Rhythm Pavilion

Nikita Benjamin

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Llandaff Arts Centre

Llandaff Arts Centre fuses visual and performance arts in a sustainable new home for the Cathedral School.

Tom Rimmington

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External perspective

Llandaff Creative Expression Hub

Phoebe Harris - Year 4 Design Work

Phoebe Harris

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Water as a Lifeline

Liveable Urbanism - Water as a Lifeline, Mullassery Community Centre

Luke Celinski

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Llandaff Performing Arts Centre

Peformance + Exhibition + Green Space

Kai Lok Amos Cheng

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Llandaff Arts

Llandaff centre for the arts

Lucy Thomas

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Floor plan in context

Llandaff Community Beacon

Sustainability using local materiality

Amrita Shad

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Llandaff Youth Pavilion

A flexible performance pavilion and social arcade where performing arts is supported through the discipline of sport.

Lydia Newman

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Bishop's Welsh Arts & Archaeology Centre

Uncovering the Story Beneath

Coco Chew

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An Optical Rebuild

Bishop's Palace Performing Arts Centre

Iulia Tenea

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Barry Island - the Turntide + Primer Project 'Monitoring Erosion' View

The Turntide

Reviving Barry Island's relevance through a civic proposal critically sited against the socio-political backdrop of its leisure and industrial decline, in order to secure Barry's uncertain environmental and economic future.

Timothy Gwilt

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The Bishops Palace Centre

A local work and performing arts hub for the Llandaff community both during and after COVID

Ffion Taylor

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Llandaff Youth Mental Health Alleviation Centre

Sustainably Celebrating Historic Palimpsest

Caspar Willingale

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The Sgwâr – Bishop’s Palace Llandaff

Celebrating the Art of Llandaff / Llandaff Art’s Centre

Niamh Thornton

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Yr Balas Esgobion Hef Arts Centre

A narrative of making.

Emily Tyers

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Llandaff Palace Community Theatre

Llandaff Palace Community Theatre

Jonah Silver

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Bishop's Palace Cinema and Theatre

Venue for Welsh focused performing arts - stage, music and film

Alexander McCormick

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Secret Garden Walkway

The Peach Theatre

Theatre, rehearsal space, day care centre and café

Deeksha Audukoori

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Peaking through to the garden from a sunken pavilion

Bishop's Palace Constructed Gardens

Inhabiting walls that delineate gardens

Judith Deak

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Exterior View

Youth Activity Centre

Bishop's Palace, Llandaff, Cardiff

Maria Souroulla

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A Pilgrimage Of Rediscovery

Wellness Centre

Keerthana Nair

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Concept image showing connections between fabric, community and context

The 'Creative Castle' ('Y Castell Creadigol') of Bishop's Palace

How spatial relationships transition during the creation of journeys between building and site

Daryl Whitehouse

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Llandaff Intergenerational Arts Hub

A performance arts and visual crafts hub

Emily Chance-Hill

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Llandaff Cathedral School | Talent Acquisition Centre

Further education and talent recruitment does not necessarily need to be tedious and monotonous, but rather exciting and inspirational.

Oliver Shad

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View of the CAT Cafe

Centre of Alternative Technologies

Centre of Alternative Technologies

Anait Melkonyan

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Bishop’s Welsh Art Centre

Celebrating Llandaff’s Welsh Heritage Through Performing Arts

Lavanya Palaneer

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Llandaff Intergenerational Garden & Performing Arts Centre

A Connecting Link between the Old and the New - elderly (local care homes) : youth (Cathedral school) - heritage fabric : new-built facility

Leng Yan Chow

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Llandaff Youth Activity Centre

Llandaff, Cardiff

Spencer Nicholls

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Section through the performance hall whilst highlighting the presence of the Palace ruins in the background

The Music Box, Archbishop's Palace

LLandaff Performing Arts Centre

Madeleine Rogers

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