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The Welsh School of Architecture was first established in 1920 and will celebrate its centenary in the academic year 2021-2022.

Over the years, it has grown to be recognised as a world-leading and agenda-setting school of architecture. Its staff and student communities encompass diverse national, cultural and professional backgrounds. Its strengths lie in the combination of a strong tradition of architectural education, an international reputation for research excellence and a long-standing engagement with questions of sustainability in architecture and urban development. Its physical home, the Bute Building in Cardiff’s historic Civic Centre, provides a vibrant, collaborative environment for teaching, learning and research. Across its various degree programmes, it encourages students to confront complex situations and pressing issues of architecture and urbanism in today’s world with intelligence, creativity, cultivating a sense of responsibility to future generations.

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Bronze MedalCecelia Huang
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Dissertation MedalGeorgina Myers

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MArchAnna Kryzanowska
BScQuiyang Tang
SustainabilityJosh Hayward



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Special thanks to all students and their tutors for providing the show content.


Stepping into the 2020s, we have all developed an understanding of the urgency of, not only accepting and researching the importance of sustainability but on widening our perspectives and implementing innovative solutions.

We believe that in developing a sustainable future for our prospective generations, we need to find balance in…
…preserving our heritage and regenerating history
…designing with and for urban life and creating urban places and environments
…applying and embracing computational methods for designing and fabrication
…acting and responding to contemporary political issues
…responding to the climate change crisis

We believe in accepting the mistakes of the past and learning from them. We can adapt; regenerating our existing environments in response to current issues. We can move forward; finding innovative approaches to design our future societies.

You will be able to explore all students’ works by these 5 themes. Alongside these, we developed our hashtags based on the uploaded students’ works to show the wide variety of approaches taken to explore sustainability. You can uncover the history of a forgotten church, join the elderly needing to stay in care homes, explore the possibilities of retaining water. Or you can even step inside of a tower built from repurposed materials or find yourself in a campaign raising awareness of racial equity.

We, the students at the Welsh School of Architecture would like to invite you to explore our critical and creative findings and responses to our contemporary urgencies.

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