ButeSoundStop CIO, or how I missed my bus in Butetown.



Computation and Innovation Award - NOMINEE
- Gianni Botsford Architects


Butetown, Cardiff, Wales, CF, United Kingdom

Project Description

A design proposal for a hypothetical charity organization set up between Music for Wales, Cardiff University Students Union and Butetown community to regenerate Lloyd George Avenue and Bute Street area.

The project proposes 6 urban interventions across Lloyd George Avenue and Bute Street. The interventions, informed by urban acupuncture approach, are meant to revitalize the two main streets connecting Cardiff city centre and the Bay area, through engaging local communities and university students together around a mutually beneficial theme - music.

The musical interventions are targeted at areas around existing bus stops on the two streets, in order to rethink spaces around transit areas, by forming relationships between by passers and users through form and programme.

The ButeSoundStop CIOs main goal is to introduce a sustainable musical eco system which can help local artists grow and at the same time, foster collaborations with university students who are particularly interested in music. Within the proposal, one can observe 6 interventions, which all contain a diverse musical program: jamming, marketing, production, rehearsal, performance and experimental stations are all individual units scattered across the streets. Essentially, the program offers a holistic musical experience of all stages.

The proposals deconstruct the spatial notion of bus stops through notation exercises and scoring. Similar to music notation, one can identify patterns and sequences of events in commuter's behaviour around bus stops. When infused with proposed musical program, this conventional behaviour around transit spaces - changes, which allows for interactive relationships between the inside of the building - its program and the outside actors - the by passers.

Furthermore, in regards to the technical side of the proposal, the project revolves around the theme of music and sound, by engaging the by passers through acoustic interventions placed across the façade of the building.

Akezhan Zhunussov

M Arch 2

WSA Graduate in Architecture Everything you need to know about my work can be found on my instagram and behance pages.