Gallery for Craft and Making

Rendered Section through courtyard and gallery showing construction details and inhabitation


Project Description

Gallery for Craft and Making, Llandaff

Based in Llandaff, Cardiff, the gallery is centred around three welsh craftspeople; Llio James, a Weaver, Lisa Kriegel, a Ceramicist, and Gideon Petersen, a Metalworker. The project attempts to connect the four elements of craft: The craftsperson, the location, the output and the observer. By organising the gallery into three studios, sitting underneath their respective exhibitions, the gallery is able to allow visitors to experience the 'performance' of the craft as well as the output, generating a more whole understanding of the final pieces. This creates a stepped journey through the galleries which ends at a viewing platform that looks out across Cardiff. The scheme also includes a more flexible exhibition space, a cafe, and a central plaza that each of the studios can open onto for demonstrations of their craft.

Tim Purves


Year 2

I've just finished my 3rd year at the WSA. I'm interested in sustainable design, community engagement, and honesty of materials. In my free time, I like to design and make furniture. Please visit my Instagram to see more of my work.

Other work by Tim Purves