House for a furnituremaker


Project Description

A residential retrofit Project in the heart of Cardiff, on the theme of Live/Work

This project came from a Retrofit of my own student house in Cardiff. I imagined a remodeling and extension of the existing 19th-century terraced house to open up the ground floor into an open plan living space and to provide my client with the opportunity to work from home. I reimagined the entryway to include a more practical and inviting Threshold, and utility space, freeing up space towards the rear garden for the open living arrangements. The Client imagined for this project was a furniture maker, and thus needed adequate space for a small workshop, which I included at the rear of the property. The workshop has a covered walkway from the house to allow for better separation of work and life. The workshop has direct access to the rear lane for deliveries, as well as a small courtyard. On the second floor, the layout remains roughly the same, with the staircase being flipped to allow the bathroom to move, as well as to allow a skylight above the stairs to light the kitchen below.

This was the first project I had done entirely in Lockdown, and as such, I am not entirely happy with the level of "completeness" of this project (to the extent that my final perspectives are screenshots from Sketchup), but I think it was heading in the right direction.

Tim Purves


Year 2

I've just finished my 3rd year at the WSA. I'm interested in sustainable design, community engagement, and honesty of materials. In my free time, I like to design and make furniture. Please visit my Instagram to see more of my work.

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