Llandaff Intergenerational Garden & Performing Arts Centre



Bishop's Palace, Cathedral Close, Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales, CF, United Kingdom

Project Description

A Connecting Link between the Old and the New - elderly (local care homes) : youth (Cathedral school) - heritage fabric : new-built facility

The objective of the proposal responds to the immediate context, exploring the connection between the existing public garden (former Bishop's Palace) with the Cathedral school and the care homes surrounding the site. The project acts as a link to provide foundations to encourage natural interaction between the two different age groups (youths from the Cathedral school and the elderly from local care homes. As a continuation of design aims in Phase 2, the idea of exploring the connection between the old and new was expanded through individual explorations in addressing the connection with the existing historic fabric and the new-built centre.

Leng Yan Chow


M Arch 1