The Bishops Palace Centre



Bishop's Palace, Cathedral Close, Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales, CF, United Kingdom

Project Description

A local work and performing arts hub for the Llandaff community both during and after COVID

The focus of the individual design project, explored within Technical Imagination, was the relationship between roof forms, rainwater collection and showcasing water movement - this drove the holistic nature of the design and integration of technology. Stemming from the sustainability agenda, rainwater collection formed a key design driver, influencing many aspects of the design. Alongside shaping the roofscape (influencing the structural and tectonic strategy of the buildings), it also led to a desire to showcase water movement (linking to the other design concept of user movement with the pathway between the buildings and a staircase travelling over the ruin wall and connecting the buildings). The role water features could play in celebrating the rainwater collection process was explored, which eventually led to the design of an internal light well and small sequence of ponds, where users can follow the journey of the rainwater through the project. This focus on rainwater collection was a departure from the groupwork stage, due to a desire to develop this aspect of the sustainability agenda further and make it a holistic design driver.

In many ways, there was a continuation of the design foundations established in the groupwork project, such as the general response to the brief, programme and user strategy and spatial planning layout, as these were strong aspects of the group report and remained relevant to design ideas for the individual project. Along with the new focus on rainwater and roof forms, other significant areas where the individual design diverged from groupwork include: changes to the massing (extra storeys); use of glass rather than polycarbonate cladding (so as not to restrict views); further development of the staircase intervention (to connect to the buildings, offer a new route and better incorporate it into the scheme as a whole).

Ffion Taylor

M Arch 1

Masters Student at WSA