Down by the River

The thesis provokes thoughts about the existing urban environment by selectively demolishing parts of the city to bring the natural environment into the city.

Jonathan Banasik

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Nurturing Erosion

Erosion as a Tool and Mechanism for Preservation

Cecelia Huang

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Rewild the People

Looking at the soil quality and land-use as parameters of flooding, this project uses rewilding to retain water in the mountains and alleviate fluvial flooding along the Taff.

Georgina Myers

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The Harmony and Revival

Revitalising the contaminated land of past-gasworks site in Grangetown and establishing a responsible + self-sufficient community through integration of circular economy.

Junhyeon Song

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Reinhabiting a Ruin

Performing Arts Centre and Urban Sustainability Hub

Rose Nicholson

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Podium Paradise

How to accommodate a large diverse neighbourhood in an urban environment while maintaining the human scale?

Joanna Mider

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Harvest from a Ruin

Creating new opportunities for a whole ecosystem of users in South Wales. Flood resilience, repurposed materials and permeable architecture.

George Wood

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Inhabiting The Boundary

Evie Dixon

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Finding Value in the Flood

Can access to water aid in celebrating diverse forms of human sociocultural life and support long term environmental resilience?

Sarah Noble

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Introduction to 3D Modeling and Parametric Design

Inspired by Nature

Andrea Mujica

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Relationship between the dog and the woods, and how it is determined by a constant shift in control between the two

The Anchor

A LinoLeather Production Facility

Priyansha Kamdar

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Grove Garden Dwellings

Optimising Vertical Living for Wellbeing

Lawrence Lynch

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Aerial view of the barrage after the project is complete

The Cardiff Bay Barrage Tidal Pools

Rewilding Cardiff Bay

Nadejda B. Tabakova

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A Lens to Biocentrism

Hussa Alghunaim

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Pixel Tree

Living Structure for Community Planting

Yuting Xie

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