Future Liveability in the Seafood Sector

Vypin Food & Logistics Hub

Claudia Petre

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ButeSoundStop CIO, or how I missed my bus in Butetown.

A design proposal for a hypothetical charity organization set up between Music for Wales, Cardiff University Students Union and Butetown community to regenerate Lloyd George Avenue and Bute Street area.

Akezhan Zhunussov

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Iwtopia Diwylliant

The Utopia of Culture Pontllanfraith, Caerphilly County Borough

Constantina Charalambous

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'Scape' to the Rural

Overcoming Barriers and Creating New Connections

Julia Garnelo Gutiérrez

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Podium Paradise

How to accommodate a large diverse neighbourhood in an urban environment while maintaining the human scale?

Joanna Mider

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The Future of Declining Department Stores

Can a redesign of declining department stores offer a solution to new housing trends?

Carlton Howard

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Old Bishop's Palace Pavilion

Using Computer Generated Visuals as the Main Design Tool

Macourley James

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Finding Value in the Flood

Can access to water aid in celebrating diverse forms of human sociocultural life and support long term environmental resilience?

Sarah Noble

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Subverting Architectural Privilege

Can typological architecture address the imbalanced social class system in Westminster?

Hannah Cummings

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Apply creative industrial architecture activate the in-between spaces of industrial sites in Deptford

This research project is under the European Funded research project EMUVE (Euro Mediterranean Urban Voids Ecology),which is focuses on the existing voids produced by current shrinking cities at the Euro‐Mediterranean

Sidong LI

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Parametric Design

Introduction to 3D Modelling

Parametric Design

Daiva Marcinkeviciute

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Becoming the Rhizome

John Ardagh

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Front of the waste to "biofuel" plant with the provided bus station for better connectivity.

Decontamination of Kochi's Lifeblood

Reviving a Livable City

Jhon Sebastian Valencia Cortes

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Redefining productivity within suburban sites of consumption

How can value within suburban sites of consumption be redefined to create sites of social, economic and environmental resilience?

Josh Jones

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Woolwich A Former Powerhouse - A revival of the past, to the present for the future.

Can a former 1926 industrial building be revived to celebrate a towns industrial heritage that it once beared?

Jasmit Bour

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