Pembroke Ferry Living Archive

An architectural project in the sharing and endurance of personal histories, and the memory of place.

Harriet Johnson

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ButeSoundStop CIO, or how I missed my bus in Butetown.

A design proposal for a hypothetical charity organization set up between Music for Wales, Cardiff University Students Union and Butetown community to regenerate Lloyd George Avenue and Bute Street area.

Akezhan Zhunussov

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Down by the River

The thesis provokes thoughts about the existing urban environment by selectively demolishing parts of the city to bring the natural environment into the city.

Jonathan Banasik

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The proposed high-street

The Making of Marks

A study into the maker, material and making process.

Grace Taylor

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Rewild the People

Looking at the soil quality and land-use as parameters of flooding, this project uses rewilding to retain water in the mountains and alleviate fluvial flooding along the Taff.

Georgina Myers

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Palace of Care

Social Care Rehabilitation Centre for Ageing Hearing Loss Group

Qinying Tan

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Pluralism, Palaces, Parliament.

The Redefinition of post colonial identity within the 21st century: Through interventions within the Palaces of Westminster.

Junal Barboza

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Computational Creativity in Architecture

An Exploration of the Potential for Artificial Creativity using Generative Adversarial Networks to create Original Architectural Spaces from Text Descriptions.

Georgina Myers

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Empowering Women: The Socio-Economic Development of Kochi

The focus of this project is to create a pro-active hub which alone advocates gender equality within Kochi, whilst emphasising the need for change.

Nikita Lad

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A Kit of Parts for Knowle West: Facilitating Democratic Craft Through Community-Led Design

A community-led incremental building process.

Ruth Skidmore

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Unexpected Communities

Questioning Categories to Create Feminist Cities

Molly Nash

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The Future Fruits of Maylord Orchard

Can the 1987 Shopping Centre Finally Bear Fruit?

Christopher Rooney

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Reinhabiting a Ruin

Performing Arts Centre and Urban Sustainability Hub

Rose Nicholson

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Beacon of Hope in a Post Covid Era

A safe social and work hub to reunite the local community after Covid 19.

Bel Sumner

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The Library of Babel

The Permanence of History in the City of Westminster. How can the existing language of Westminster be shaped by new, meaningful urban dialogues?

Nadina Bold

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