Future Liveability in the Seafood Sector

Vypin Food & Logistics Hub

Claudia Petre

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Nurturing Erosion

Erosion as a Tool and Mechanism for Preservation

Cecelia Huang

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Empowering Women: The Socio-Economic Development of Kochi

The focus of this project is to create a pro-active hub which alone advocates gender equality within Kochi, whilst emphasising the need for change.

Nikita Lad

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Unexpected Communities

Questioning Categories to Create Feminist Cities

Molly Nash

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Western Way Elevation

St. Govan's

A series of generous non-productive spaces that evoke local and material memories from Pembroke Dock’s collective past, aiming to heal the social ‘fissure’ felt by Brexit and future uncertainty.

Annabel Hocking

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The Future Fruits of Maylord Orchard

Can the 1987 Shopping Centre Finally Bear Fruit?

Christopher Rooney

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Creekside Intercultural Centre

Reflections on the translation of architectural spaces for equal interaction in contemporary multicultural areas

Lanting Yang

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Podium Paradise

How to accommodate a large diverse neighbourhood in an urban environment while maintaining the human scale?

Joanna Mider

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Beacon of Hope in a Post Covid Era

A safe social and work hub to reunite the local community after Covid 19.

Bel Sumner

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A view of the project from the water

Pembroke Dock Freeport

Ensuring the future prosperity of a town reliant upon trade with the EU.

Matt Coombes

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Subverting Architectural Privilege

Can typological architecture address the imbalanced social class system in Westminster?

Hannah Cummings

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Construction waste management

Esther Onyekwere

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Intercultural Node Research Design

The analysis starts from both social and urban directions as a way of ICN to create an intercultural communication space covering all immigrant groups. Regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.

hang liu

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Gender, Identities, Space

Design Research of Intercultural Node In Deptford 2021

Tianye Chen

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Research on Learning Space for Intercultural Interactions

Research on interculturality: Tidemill co-managed learning space

Siyan Tao

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