Nurturing Erosion

Erosion as a Tool and Mechanism for Preservation

Cecelia Huang

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The Future Fruits of Maylord Orchard

Can the 1987 Shopping Centre Finally Bear Fruit?

Christopher Rooney

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Creekside Intercultural Centre

Reflections on the translation of architectural spaces for equal interaction in contemporary multicultural areas

Lanting Yang

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Podium Paradise

How to accommodate a large diverse neighbourhood in an urban environment while maintaining the human scale?

Joanna Mider

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A view of the project from the water

Pembroke Dock Freeport

Ensuring the future prosperity of a town reliant upon trade with the EU.

Matt Coombes

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Gender, Identities, Space

Design Research of Intercultural Node In Deptford 2021

Tianye Chen

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An Optimist's Guide to Life in Swansea in 2030

Imagining the adaptation, repurposing and rewilding of the existing Civic Centre in Swansea - addressing the challenge of how we deal with unwanted 20th century architecture.

Rhiannon Thomas

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The impact of homeworking on carbon emissions

A toolkit to understand the carbon implications of post-pandemic homeworking strategies.

Thomas Rose

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Urban Planning in conflict cities: The divided city of Nicosia, Cyprus

How could collaborative planning ideas lead to the full success of the Nicosia Masterplan

Constantina Charalambous

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Wake Urban Interstitial Space Up!

Questioning the ambivalence of urban commons: a comparative investigation

Hanshen He

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Re-imagining Rurality

Land Access for Black and Minority Ethnic communities

Shoruk Nekeb

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Restoring the Classroom - Equality Through Design

Reimagining the early education environment and pedagogy for deprived areas of the South Wales Valleys

Chris Knox

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PHASE 3_ Energy Efficient Service Systems Design

ART 631 PHASE 3_ Energy Efficient Service Systems Design

Ahmed Abdullah Al Tawheed

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Albany (London)community expansion space

How to use architectural design language and programming in Deptford to promote cross-cultural communication, interaction, and cooperation among immigrants, refugees, and locals.

kaiwen chen

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