The Ephemeral Cultural Exchange

Investigating the relationship between climate and culture through passive modulation of Cardiff's environment.

Cian Ushioda

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The Circularity

The Frontier Island

Angeline Ng

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Large research space

Using everything but the whistle of the leaves.

A research and education facility for the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, constructed from waste timber and grown materials in Cardiff.

Thomas Bale

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The Harmony and Revival

Revitalising the contaminated land of past-gasworks site in Grangetown and establishing a responsible + self-sufficient community through integration of circular economy.

Junhyeon Song

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Harvest from a Ruin

Creating new opportunities for a whole ecosystem of users in South Wales. Flood resilience, repurposed materials and permeable architecture.

George Wood

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Inhabiting The Boundary

Evie Dixon

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Finding Value in the Flood

Can access to water aid in celebrating diverse forms of human sociocultural life and support long term environmental resilience?

Sarah Noble

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Relationship between the dog and the woods, and how it is determined by a constant shift in control between the two

The Anchor

A LinoLeather Production Facility

Priyansha Kamdar

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Outgrowing Waste

Arno Decorte

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A Lens to Biocentrism

Hussa Alghunaim

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Nest Under Severe Climate Change

As the climate changes rapidly due to global warming, birds need a nest that can withstand the harsh weather.

Tian Wang

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Natural shelter

Natural Shelter

Aims to investigate the synergy of 'non-anthropocentric architecture' co-design across human and non-human communities, To deal with coexistence between the human and non-human environment with the way of logical thinking

JiaYang Jiang

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This project reconnects the public to nature by encouraging interactions through leisure activities and observation. It repairs rural relationships by supporting community gathering through community ownership. It also works to preserve Britain’s native wildlife as a result of reintroducing important, lost habitats which will be cared for and maintained.

Forager's Gathering

Reconnecting with Nature, Forming Community Relationships and Preserving Native Wildlife.

Rachel Livesey

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Intercultural Node Expansion in Deptford

Based on the development of intercultural nodes in the previous stage

Shuoyuan Li

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A plan to monitor the user comfort in a home with a sunspace throughout the four seasons

Investigation of the built environment

Sara Jenkins

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