Harvest from a Ruin

Creating new opportunities for a whole ecosystem of users in South Wales. Flood resilience, repurposed materials and permeable architecture.

George Wood

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This project reconnects the public to nature by encouraging interactions through leisure activities and observation. It repairs rural relationships by supporting community gathering through community ownership. It also works to preserve Britain’s native wildlife as a result of reintroducing important, lost habitats which will be cared for and maintained.

Forager's Gathering

Reconnecting with Nature, Forming Community Relationships and Preserving Native Wildlife.

Rachel Livesey

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DP2 | Atelier A Studio 3

A remote shelter that enhances macro photography in a nature setting

Kyra van den Muyzenberg

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Taegyu yang

DP1 | Atelier A Studio 4

The Unnamed River

Taegyu Yang

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DP1 | Atelier B Studio 3

The river Taff and the landscape it sits within.

Ellie Yip

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DP1 | Atelier C Studio 2

Exploration of how nature affects our feelings.

India-Lily Salt-Cowell

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Plan drawing of the cabin, edited in photoshop, surrounded by trees

DP2 | Atelier D Studio 2

Writer's Cabin

Eleni Gkotzaridi

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DP4 |Atelier D Studio 3

'Rain Stage' manifests the poetics of performance and climate, using rain as a source of drama and sustainability for the upcoming National Eisteddfod May 2025.

Anthony Panganiban

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The [Un]Holy Trinity

The Three Pillars to a more Sustainable Future

Josh Towl

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Intervention Through Education in Cymmer

Investigating the use of dual-use school spaces to foster community and revitalise rural areas.

Jim Pope

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