Form Finding - Final form 1

Form finding experiments - Computational Methods in Architecture

A study on rotoscoping and the emergent form out of patterns

Vinay Zachariah

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The Cycle

create – make – experience – disconnect: a new typology of the workplace in Butetown, Cardiff

Salma Aitali

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DP2 | Atelier A Studio 4

Shelter for a musician

Taegyu Yang

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This thesis approaches craft as making an object that is expressive of its mechanism and itself as a performance.

Kinetic Craft

Making kinetic performative to the function of buildings that engages people through participation and experience, and exposed and elaborated processes for both functional and performative reasons

Janet Wong

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Computational Design for Fabrication

Cob Printed Entrance to the Caerau Hillfort

Daiva Marcinkeviciute

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