Down by the River

The thesis provokes thoughts about the existing urban environment by selectively demolishing parts of the city to bring the natural environment into the city.

Jonathan Banasik

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Rewild the People

Looking at the soil quality and land-use as parameters of flooding, this project uses rewilding to retain water in the mountains and alleviate fluvial flooding along the Taff.

Georgina Myers

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Introduction to 3D Modeling and Parametric Design

Inspired by Nature

Andrea Mujica

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Grove Garden Dwellings

Optimising Vertical Living for Wellbeing

Lawrence Lynch

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Aerial view of the barrage after the project is complete

The Cardiff Bay Barrage Tidal Pools

Rewilding Cardiff Bay

Nadejda B. Tabakova

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This thesis approaches craft as making an object that is expressive of its mechanism and itself as a performance.

Kinetic Craft

Making kinetic performative to the function of buildings that engages people through participation and experience, and exposed and elaborated processes for both functional and performative reasons

Janet Wong

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PV System Monitoring plan for Retrofit of social homes in Swansea, United Kingdom

ART042 Investigation of the Built Environment

Junbai Wu

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Natural shelter

Natural shelter

Aims to investigate the synergy of 'non-anthropocentric architecture' co-design across human and non-human communities, To deal with coexistence between the human and non-human environment with the way of logical thinking

JiaYang Jiang

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