Down by the River

The thesis provokes thoughts about the existing urban environment by selectively demolishing parts of the city to bring the natural environment into the city.

Jonathan Banasik

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Rewild the People

Looking at the soil quality and land-use as parameters of flooding, this project uses rewilding to retain water in the mountains and alleviate fluvial flooding along the Taff.

Georgina Myers

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urban form

Exploration of Potential Use of Artificial Intelligence in Urban Design

Machine Learning in Urban Design

Bo Lin

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Aerial view of the barrage after the project is complete

The Cardiff Bay Barrage Tidal Pools

Rewilding Cardiff Bay

Nadejda B. Tabakova

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A Knowledge and Creation Hub

Ana Baltac

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Innovation Exchange Centre

Mixed Development Scheme in Kochi

Aikaterini Athanassoulis

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PV System Monitoring plan for Retrofit of social homes in Swansea, United Kingdom

ART042 Investigation of the Built Environment

Junbai Wu

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Computational Design for Fabrication

Cob Printed Entrance to the Caerau Hillfort

Daiva Marcinkeviciute

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Internal view of Hobby Room window

Reconnecting Communities

Reconnecting communities through incidental interactions

Hannah Price

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Change in Average Temperature

Daylighting Retrofit for Climate Change on Urban Housing in Malaysia

Optimizing Light Shelves Design as Retrofitting Measures for Balancing Daylight, Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption

Nur Nasuha Abd Salam

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View of the NBT at the Principal Approach to the Site.

The North Beacon Tower

A beacon for regeneration and sustainability within the wider Grangetown Gasworks Circular Economy Masterplan.

Morgan Rhys Taylor

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The current design of public schools in Egypt

Design of Schools in Egypt: A Regenerative Perspective

A Regenerative Perspective

Reem Okasha

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Investigating Community-Led Hybrid Passive and Active Energy Systems for Urban Heritage Retrofit

In the Context of Urban Heritage Transformed by Transcultural Communities. The Case Study of Historic Core of Manama City -Bahrain


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