Virtue Lies in the Struggle, not the Prize

The Pembroke Dock College of Engineering

James Miller

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Pluralism, Palaces, Parliament.

The Redefinition of post colonial identity within the 21st century: Through interventions within the Palaces of Westminster.

Junal Barboza

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The Library of Babel

The Permanence of History in the City of Westminster. How can the existing language of Westminster be shaped by new, meaningful urban dialogues?

Nadina Bold

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Old Bishop's Palace Pavilion

Using Computer Generated Visuals as the Main Design Tool

Macourley James

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Bishop’s Palace Music Centre

Hub for music, education and leisure, all under one roof that wraps around the medieval walls.

Claudia Petre

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Casting New Histories

Can the reciprocal exchange between replica and authenticity provoke the anamnesis of forgotten architectural monuments?

Henry Davis

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DP4 | Atelier A Studio 2

Eisteddfod Festival Stage

Jeoffrey Baje

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Questioning the Ambivalence of Urban Commons

The Adaptive Reuse Intervention At The Brains Brewery Site

Yapeng Wang

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Re-imagining a Collective Memory

An active collaboration of the local council and USW, focusing on the enlightenment of the local community regarding its industrial past, whilst strengthening the bonds between the situated town-gown.

Alice Vasiliki Pitsili

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Treforest Community Garden

A Self-Build Community Centre with a strong focus on Community Growing using Principles of Permaculture

Alexander Hanotu

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Tref y Farchnad - Market Town

Retrofit the abandoned market hall in the heart of Llandeilo and pedestrianising surrounding road - a response to a government proposed bypass.

Hayri Unat

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Art and Craft Gallery

Gallery + Studio + Community Space


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A Patternbook For Digbeth

A manifesto for making in the context of a Brummie dialect

Olly Ridgley

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A Cinema in Barry

Unlocking Barry Island's creative potential

Jess Simpson

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The Sgwâr – Bishop’s Palace Llandaff

Celebrating the Art of Llandaff / Llandaff Art’s Centre

Niamh Thornton

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