Re-imagining a Collective Memory

An active collaboration of the local council and USW, focusing on the enlightenment of the local community regarding its industrial past, whilst strengthening the bonds between the situated town-gown.

Alice Vasiliki Pitsili

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New Babylon in Wales

Experimenting an innovative live-work prototype for the Welsh Romani Artists and inspire the search for a new quotidian practice

Anson Tang

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Llandaff Performing Arts Centre

Peformance + Exhibition + Green Space

Kai Lok Amos Cheng

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The Continuity of Line

A Place of Knowledge, Respite & Opportunity

Naz Chowdhury

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Llandaff Music Centre

Music Centre

Qiuyi Zhang

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Mood-board conveying the theme of old vs new

DP4 | Atelier D Studio 2

Festival Stage

Eleni Gkotzaridi

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DP3 | Atelier D Studio 4

Welsh Cake Kiosk | A Victorian-inspired kiosk which celebrates 'Street food' history and Welsh culture.

Sangay Dorji Wangchuk

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Llandaff Arts Centre

A group project following individual development of shared initial concept- a theatre and arts centre for the Llandaff community situated in the historical Bishop's Palace.

Aidana Roberts

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Tiger Bay Archive

A public library project for a multicultural district Butetown

Arina Jersova

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Day 2 hiking cabin external perspective

Tŷ Unnos

A walking tourism strategy for the Brecon Beacons National Park

Maura McGrath

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Treforest Community Garden

A Self-Build Community Centre with a strong focus on Community Growing using Principles of Permaculture

Alexander Hanotu

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Treforest Civic Centre

Creation of a civic centre on the outskirts of Treforest

Emily Aitchison

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Re - inventing Folk Tales

Re-discovering tales of the past and fostering new stories

Meylan Fernandez Villazon

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Old Bishops Palace Pavilion

Framed Rhythm Pavilion

Nikita Benjamin

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Tref y Farchnad - Market Town

Retrofit the abandoned market hall in the heart of Llandeilo and pedestrianising surrounding road - a response to a government proposed bypass.

Hayri Unat

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